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Chris - Lesson 9

Photographer's Comments: While I was trying to figure out what to do for this assignment, I checked Pete Randall's Isle of Shoals Portfolio. It really struck me that he has been going back to this same place for close to 30 years Undoubtedly, he never stops seeing things there in a new way; that's why he keeps going back.

I have such a place, too. Right behind our house, there is about 40 acres of woods with a little creek running though it. Each season is different (and in Indiana, we experience all of the seasons). I love to walk in this area, and now I am enjoying taking photographs there. Like Pete Randall, I think that I will continue to see new things in this place for many years to come.

I took about 300 pictures for this assignment, and discarded 80 due to poor focus or exposure. There was a lot of material to choose from. I tried to keep the past assignments in mind in making the choice.

Instructor's Comments: There is not one shot here that needs re-doing...they're all excellent. What needs to be done now, to to go back and see whether or not you can get any shots of wildlife, a line of old fence posts, some rusted artifacts, possibly, etc. Maybe a dog in the woods, sniffing around or whatever. A bird in a tree, and old bird's nest. These to show some "life" in the woods. Now I realize that these are harder to get and might have be acquired over time. In any event, if you can't get those things (or they just aren't there at this time of year) then submit another six pictures from your "take" or from a new visit.

Lovely. The eye goes straight to the center and then has time to "branch" out along the branches.

Nice muted monochrome.

Very good angle


Very typical of early morning mist rising. Muted colors, good point of view.

A nice color accent and close-up detail.

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