Digital Photography Cruise!
Chuck - Lesson 5

Photographer's Comments: I am starting too see things...patterns, lines, textures..etc. everywhere. It's amazing! I usually start to really see shots without "looking" for them about a week after each lesson. Anyway... I have noticed that there are many objects out there that are intended to stand out while others just jump out at you. The pumpkin jumped out from the gray surroundings. The flower stood out but Eh?

The crossing sign is meant to stand out and does. I'm not so sure about the shot. I tried to get some angle on it and it was against a plain background. The fire hydrant can't be missed and is in a conspicuous place. The keys on the gray chair stand out but I wouldn't look twice at the photo. Last photo is hard to figure out and I'm not sure if it satisfies the assignment. Although, the yellow cap stands out the shiny metallic surface is eye catching as well. Lemme Know what you think. GO YANKEES!

Normally I might say that the picture as a whole is too busy...but in this case the orange is so bright against the muted background, that it works just fine.

OK. This works.

Very good. Composition is fine, and that sign really stands out.

Again, this is OK. Because it is so bright and colorful, it easily overpowers the other colors and so it jumps out at you.

Why you wouldn't look twice at this is beyond me. The composition is excellent...two opposing diagonals that lead you right to the colorful keys. Actually it's one of your stronger shots.

This, too is fine. It's the yellow that stands out color-wise and the shiny surface is secondary. You've done a very nice job on this assignment.

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