Jim - Lesson 7
Photographer's Comments: This was a fun assignment. All the shots were taken within an hour of a major downpour, so it was very overcast. We were under a redwood tree in reasonably low light. I noticed a large variation in exposure which I attributed to improper metering (metering on the background versus the face). I lost some good shots due to to blown out highlights on the face and teeth.

Instructor's Comments: In situations like that shoot one with the matrix (normal) metering mode, and then some others switching to spot metering on the face. The spot meter mode will ignore large areas of brightness or darkness in the background which might make the faces too light or too dark (because the matrix metering mode averages everything).

So, for example, if the background was too dark, the matrix mode would give more exposure to the picture. Faces, which are light, might then get too much exposure and the highlights would not have adequate detail and "blow out." If you had a super bright background, the opposite would happen. The matrix metering would give less exposure so that the background would not be overly light, and the faces, if they were darker, would become darker, yet.

Nice lighting, good relaxed smile. Some of these shots have a greenish color cast but that may be from the surrounding green color. It can be easily corrected, though.

This is not as natural...he looks a bit uncomfortable.

Yes. Nice spontaneous shot.

This too is a good "foolin' around" picture

Fine. A bit out of focus but it is within "sharpening" range.

Best of the bunch. Perfect eye contact right into the soul. The green thing she's leaning on would be darkened to match the background and it'd make the shot stronger without that color distraction. Or you could crop off some of the left of the picture to place her more to the left in the image.

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