It is very rare to see flats, shops or residences without video surveillance today. Once intended for large companies, video surveillance is now available to everyone. Its importance is described in this article. Read on!

A means of protecting property and people

Installing a video surveillance system is no longer a matter of luxury or of who wants it. It is important and even indispensable for any company that wants to protect its assets and employees. Indeed, having a video surveillance system installed allows you to keep an eye on everything that happens in and around your business or home. For business owners, it is a way to monitor closely and from anywhere, depending on the type of surveillance system, all the actions of employees. Also, from the images collected from the surveillance camera, directions, orders and directives can be given.

In addition, the video surveillance system can be used to prevent danger. Thanks to an integrated alarm system, you will be alerted directly on your personal line of any case of fire or any other possible danger that could jeopardise the safety of goods and people present in the building.

Video surveillance, a means of dissuasion

In addition to its role as a protector of goods and people, the video surveillance system plays a much more important role as a security agent. Indeed, it is like a scarecrow that dissuades burglars from committing their crime. When the thief notices the presence of a surveillance camera, he quickly abandons his plan to steal. So everything is safe. The main reason most people use surveillance cameras is to protect themselves against theft and burglary.

Moreover, the images captured by these cameras allow the police to easily apprehend a burglar. In fact, the images taken without the thief’s knowledge are used to identify and catch the thief. There are several types of surveillance cameras. It is preferable to install infrared cameras that are able to pick up thermal signals even when it is dark.