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The Best Of The Best (Cont'd)

Do-It-Yourself Greetings Cards

If you haven't noticed, the cost of greetings and postcards aren't inexpensive anymore. Red River Paper has a remedy for that– make your own custom cards for under a buck apiece! You supply your own images and messages and they supply cards and envelopes in different sizes (up to 5 x 7 inches). Cards are pre-scored (for easy folding) and come in gloss, matte, or watercolor paper with clear, pearl or rainbow "see-thru" sheets and elegant white, eggshell, or brilliantly-colored envelopes. Postcards allow you to do small, targeted business mailings without having to pay for large minimums you'll never use. Samplers: US$4.99.

LensPen Optics Cleaner

This innovative cleaning system keeps your lens and LCD monitor spotless by lifting grime and greasy fingerprints completely and safely off the surface. First remove any dust or hard particles with the soft brush and then let the non-liquid cleaning compound in its unique tip make smudges vanish in just a pass or two. Replace the cap, twist it half a turn, and the tip is automatically replenished with new cleaner that never dries out. Order the regular LensPen if the diameter of your lens is over 13mm or the Mini Pro for lenses under 13mm in diameter. Each is priced at only US$16.95 which includes shipping and handling.

Fred Miranda Magic Software

Fred Miranda Magic SoftwareFred Miranda has developed developed some actions for Photoshop and plug-Ins for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements that do remarkable things that would ordinarily take you hours of experimenting to come up with (if you could, at all). You'll be able to reduce noise, get soft-focus effects, eliminate unpleasant artifacts, emulate infrared (and B&W) pictures, and more. One of the most innovative plug-ins, Stair Interpolation, automatically increases the resolution of your image in small increments with results that rival expensive stand-alone programs– but at a fraction of the cost. You can then print out lower resolution pictures at large sizes without them looking jagged and pixelated.

Cruise 'n Learn

One look at this piece of hardware and you gotta have it. Big, powerful, and loaded with amenities, it's been a smash success ever since the first Digital Photography Workshop at Sea sailed out of Miami five years ago. Lectures, demonstrations, printing, and critiquing sessions have kept attendees enthralled and their picture skills sharp. Want an example? Look at the latest cruise gallery. Half the class were beginners — now they know the difference between an f-stop and a bus stop. Kidding aside, another cruise is planned for 2005, to the Western Caribbean in December from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. Limited to 30 attendees, everyone gets individual attention from the onboard instructors who teach photographic technique, Photoshop, printing, and whatever else you want to know. From US$1,995.

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